About Me

मेरो नाम अवाज हो।
मेरो पोर्टफोलियोमा स्वागत छ।

My name is Aawaj.
Welcome to my portfolio.

I was born and raised in Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal (27.7172° N, 85.3240° E). In 2014, I took a leap and came to the United States as an F1 alien to get an undergraduate degree in Geology. But a year and half into college, my ability to identify rocks by sniffing and licking them outstretched its threshold.

Fast-forward three years, and I am nearing my estimated 2018 graduation date with a degree in Geographical Information Systems. Ooh, and there's more. I also have Computer Science listed as my minor. And I have enjoyed every second I have spent staring at a computer screen trying to fix a code or tweak a map.

So far, I've had a tremendous time at Northwest. I have made friends from all over the world, yet still managed to find the most amazing Nepali girlfriend. I've lost my accent and now constantly use "like" as a conjunction. I've taken care of 47 stupid freshmen boys as an RA. I've sent numerous acceptance letters to prospective students around the world during my time with the International Office. And now at the twilight years of my undergrad life, I fix laptops as a Technology Assistant and watch Netflix in my front desk job as a Residential Life Desk Assistant.


(000) 000-0000 x12387


1234 Somewhere Road #5432
Nashville, TN 00000
United States of America